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Meetings Usually From: 7:00pm until 9:00pm
Location: St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
13601 Saratoga Ave. Saratoga CA
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Our Guest on Thursday November 10th,
2016 at 7:00 PM

Kay Fahlstrom

Kay Fahlstrom is a Psychic Medium based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kay miraculously survived a near-death
experience (NDE) after she was beyond medically established levels of what the human body can endure.  Kay then
began to notice unusual visits from the Other Side, along with dreaming the lottery numbers…which turned out to
be correct the next day!  After her NDE, she was opening as a psychic, then a medium – but back in that day there
weren’t TV shows about mediums, so it was a longer journey than it would likely be today.  Kay is now a Certified
Spiritual Advisor (which is an approved evidential Medium) with world-renowned Clairvoyant Medium Lisa
Williams (in the Lisa Williams Intl. School of Spiritual Development). Kay has also been on numerous podcasts and
radio shows, like the World Visionary Summit of “26 of the Most Respected Psychic Mediums”, and many more.

At our meting, you will hear Kay speak about that harrowing night when she left her body, about the re-entry and
recovery, followed by more detailed stories of her opening including premonitions, psychic hits, and visits from
people on the Other Side (mediumship).  Plus, Kay will raffle off a FREE 30-minute phone reading! There will also
be a Question & Answer session, so bring your questions about NDEs, premonitions, psychic phenomena, Spirit
Guides, or mediumship (hearing from our loved ones in Spirit), or more!

Kay will also be selling and signing her book, Reborn A Medium (available that night for $15.25, or on www. or  We look forward to seeing you there!  Kay sees clients in person or by
phone. For private, customized readings, Kay can be reached at 415-420-4994 or at  Kay
also helps people manifest what they want, or overcome issues with Hypnotherapy, and E.M.D.R. (trauma relief),
or as a licensed MFT psychotherapist.  Kay’s  Hypnotherapy site is found at

Peace and light.

John Sphar, Director
South Bay IANDS