Gold Star mother/ Near-Death Experiencer
Nadia McCaffrey at East Bay IANDS BERKELEY

"Death of a Son:
A Near-Death Experiencer's  Continuing Spiritual Journey"

MONDAY, March 17, 7:30-9:30 PM
Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (BFUU)
1606 Bonita Avenue, Berkeley

When she had her first near-death experience at age seven as the result of a snake bite, Nadia McCaffrey encountered the Light: "You just can't really describe the peace, the
love, the well being," she recalls.

Ten years later, in a second NDE, she foresaw a future in which she would "become famous, but lose everything."  In her third NDE, in 1999, she inexplicably saw herself
arriving at an airport in Iraq, a place she'd never been.

In 2004, that vision would tragically come true.  Her only son, Patrick, had been killed in a war he opposed.  The government lied to her about the circumstances surrounding
the death. "I lost everything," she says of her son's death.

But Nadia's response to her son's death was different from others: she traveled to Iraq to meet with mothers there who'd lost children to war.  Back home, she began creating a
series of permanent Spiritual and Palliative Care Retreats for veterans  suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Her message is sympathy, compassion and peace
as the means to ending the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq.

In the US, she has appeared on Good Morning America, TODAYSHOW, Paula Zahn, Aaron Brown, MSNBC, CNBC, DemocracyNow! CNN etc. Her story has been told
through documentaries, radio shows, and in Vanity Fair, Newsweek, USA Today, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, El Jazeera, BBC, La
Pravda, and more.

Long before then, Nadia's NDE's and work with the dying had been featured in the media.  She has been featured on many television and radio talk shows; in "Children of the
New Millennium" a book of research on children's Near-Death Experiences by PMH Atwater, along with Atwater's "We Live Forever."  Nadia recently appeared in a new
release by Automat Pictures: "Cheating Death, Beyond and Back" a scientific research documentary, and is featured in another NDE research documentary to be released
Following Nadia's talk, we'll have a lively session of your comments and questions.
Join us
Nadia McCaffrey will
present a lecture on
Peace & War.
How can we forgive?
Love instead of hate...
Understanding each
other, respecting each
Loving each other

International Association for Near-Death Studies
(IANDS)   presents…
Former Executive Director, A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce), Nancy Eubel:

The Reality; The Purpose

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (BFUU)
1606 Bonita Avenue (at Cedar), Berkeley

Dear Friend,

Everyone wonders about the possibility of reincarnation. And many near-death experiencers report witnessing events from past – and potential future – lives.   This month, we’
ll take a look at reincarnation, and we’re delighted to present as our speaker Nancy Eubel, former executive director of Edgar Cayce’s Assn. for Research and Enlightenment,
based in Virginia Beach, Va.

“I approach it as a way of understanding our current life,” Nancy says.  “These past lives are lessons we can learn from.  Past lives influence our current life, and they are
opportunities for understanding and healing.  Sometime we can gain an understanding of our current life situation.”   

A master clinical hypnotherapist, Nancy says that she has conducted hundreds of past life regression with clients to eliminate phobias, access previously unknown skills and
change people’s relationships with others. She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, Inc., the
Society for Shamanic Practitioners, and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  
Nancy’s interest in reincarnation took off after a trip to Tibet in 1991.  Shortly afterwards, she joined A.R.E., and helped the organization with her accounting skills.  She
served as Executive Director for three years in the late ‘90s.

In a later trip to the Taj Mahal, she had an indelible personal experience of life after death.  She twice encountered her deceased husband.  “His image didn’t last long, but there
he was at the Taj Mahal, seemingly in the flesh and blood.  I was stunned and could barely breathe,” she recalls.

After Nancy’s talk, we’ll have a spirited and spiritual discussion – come join us!

East Bay IANDS monthly meeting are open to near-death experiencers and non-experiencers alike. A $5-$10 donation is requested to help pay for rent and expenses; no one
turned away.

You are encouraged to bring refreshments for sharing!

Kenneth Ring being interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove, on the television series "Thinking Allowed," on Sunday, May 25th at 6:30.  This
excellent documentary goes into a discussion of Ring's book "Lessons From The Light" which has been the subject of Hillside Community
Church's Sunday class this month.

Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., is an emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut and co-founder and former president of
IANDS (International Association of Near-Death Studies).  He is the author of several works on near death experiences, such as "Heading
Toward Omega" and "Lessons From The Light".  He has directed different studies of a large number of individuals who have had near-death
experiences, and is considered today as a pioneer in research on the subject.

The group meets at Hillside Community Church located at 1422 Navellier St., El Cerrito, 94530.  There is a convenient parking lot adjoining
the Church.  The meeting will begin at 6:30 P.M.  If you want further information about the event or directions to the Church,

Dr. Kenneth Ring

In 1977, Kenneth Ring, a brilliant young professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut, read Raymond Moody's book, Life
After Life, and was inspired by it. However, he felt that a more scientifically structured study would strengthen Moody's findings. He
sought out 102 near-death survivors for his research. This web page documents some of Ken Ring's basic insights based on his
meticulous research.
His latest research involves the ground-breaking work of investigating near-death experiences among blind persons. His findings are
detailed in his latest book Mindsight which is bound to become a classic in the annals of near-death research much like his previous
books, Lessons From The Light, Heading Toward Omega, Life At Death, and The Omega Project. Ken Ring researched NDEs that
involve the experiencer witnessing events while out of their body which is later proven to have taken place. Ken has also researched
NDEs that affirms reincarnation. Ken has also examined NDEs among those who attempted suicide. During his extensive research,
Ken was also able to examine NDEs where the future was foretold. The following information is Ken Ring's research conclusions
from his study.
(1)  Those cases who came closest to death, or were clinically dead, just as Moody's cases reported, told of being outside of their
bodies, of moving through a void or dark tunnel toward a luminous light, of meeting with departed relatives and friends, of having a
feeling of great comfort and bliss and of being surrounded by compassionate love, a feeling so beautiful they longed to remain, and
when they returned to the "earthly" realm, they were affected by this feeling the rest of their lives.
(2)  No one type of person was especially likely to have this experience. It cut across race, gender, age, education, marital status, and
social class.
(3)  Religious orientation was not a factor affecting either the likelihood or the depth of the NDE. An atheist was as likely to have one
as was a devoutly religious person.
(4)  Regardless of their prior attitudes - whether skeptical or deeply religious - and regardless of the many variations in religious beliefs
and degrees of skepticism from tolerant disbelief to outspoken atheism - most of these people were convinced that they had been in
the presence of some supreme and loving power and had a glimpse of a life yet to come.
(5)  Drugs, anesthesia and medication did not seem to be a factor in inducing these impressions and exquisite feelings of a NDE.
Indeed, drugs and anesthesia seemed to be more likely to cause a person to forget memories of a NDE.
(6)  He definitely concluded that NDEs are not hallucinations because hallucinations are rambling, unconnected, often unintelligible and
vary widely, whereas NDEs tend to have similar elements of a clear, connected pattern.
(7)  Based on the information of those who had reported such incidents, the moment of death was often one of unparalleled beauty,
peace and comfort - a feeling of total love and total acceptance. This was possible even for those involved in horrible accidents in
which they suffered very serious injuries.  Dr. Ring found there was a tremendous comfort potential in this information for people who
were facing death.
(8)  After going through a NDE, people reported a loss of fear of death as well as a greater appreciation of life. They also reported
stronger feelings of self-acceptance and a greater concern and sense of caring for other people. They had less interest in material
things for their own sake. Many tended to become more spiritual - though not necessarily more involved in organized religion.
(9)  Almost all subjects who experienced a NDE found their lives transformed and a change in their attitudes and values, and in their
inclination to love and to help others. Dr. Ring was convinced that these were absolutely authentic experiences and noted that since
returning, many of them had occasion to think about 'what might have been.' And their subsequent lives were powerful testimony to
our common ability to live more deeply, more appreciatively, more lovingly, and more spiritually.


My Near-Death Experience in 1969
The term NDE didn’t exist until the late 1970’s – but Georgina Teyrovsky had her near-death experience in 1969.   With no
reference point to help her integrate the phenomenon in daily life, she was left to find her own way.  
The native Czechoslovakian will discuss her fascinating story at this month’s IANDS meeting – a story that includes living in Prague
during the rebellion against Russia, and a journey from riches to poverty and back.  But nothing in her life compared to her NDE, she
Georgina's NDE came as she and her family were climbing Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in North America.  Several intestinal
parasites she carried caused her to suffer a burst appendix.
She would have a NDE during a five-day coma.  "The whole experience was so perplexing, so strong, so shaking... but also so
uplifting that I did not find the words nor the courage to describe it for many years."
Georgina says,
"I remember thinking thoughts, not in one brain, but through millions of brains, all of which seemed to be
connected.  I felt the same way about "eternal wisdom" - I was part of it and the wisdom was part of me."
She experienced a timeless dimension and seemed to experience past lives in several settings.  She communicated with a spirit and
asked if she could see "hell" - and was shown that symbolically.
She returned to a body still near death, and a long recovery against long odds.
 "Though my sickness was a great ordeal, I feel
that it was a blessing in disguise.  No words, no person, nothing can take away from me the conviction that there is no
death.  I have been there and back.
Come hear Georgina share her story and the wisdom she was given in her NDE.  
Following Georgina’s talk, we’ll have a open discussion with questions and comments.  
We hope you’ll join in!
Berkeley IANDS monthly meeting are open to near-death experiencers and non-experiencers alike.  
Featuring: Discovery Channel’s “CONSPIRACY TEST” Timothy Reynold’s documentary
“ROUND TRIP: The Near-Death Experience”

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists
1606 Bonita Avenue (at Cedar), Berkeley
Halloween is gone, Thanksgiving is coming, and so we’ll fill in the space for treats this month by kicking back and enjoying two inspirational and  interesting videos about the
Near-Death Experience.  And yes, there will be popcorn!
Our first feature is a TV show aired as part of the Discovery Channel’s “Conspiracy Test” series.  It “stars” several NDErs who have made presentations before East Bay
IANDS over the years.  Lewis Griggs, Mark Jacoby and Nadia McCaffrey are among those who discuss their NDE.
It also includes comments by skeptics, and an interesting experiment designed by one such skeptic to “reproduce” the out-of-body experience… in one instance using an
actually NDEr to compare the real thing with a simulation.
Next…. Director Timothy Reynold’s fascinating documentary “Round Trip: The Near-Death Experience,” which includes first-hand accounts by five NDErs.
“Catherine’s body gave out after eight years of debilitating illness.  John ran out of oxygen while scuba diving.  Mary had serious complications during childbirth.  Alena’s tour
bus flipped over, tossing her on the pavement.  Alan’s heart fluttered, then stopped, during surgery.”
Each of these NDErs changed their perceptions of reality after these traumatic yet life-altering events.  Their powerful recollections are also discussed by a philosopher, a
parapsychologist and a theologian in this 40-minutes.Come join us to see these rarely-shown video

presents two Inerson workshops at the 34th Annual SSF-IIIHS International Conference -
held in Montreal

July 1st : BEING THE SOUND: When Music Opens the Doors of Consciousness (3 hrs)
Music creates a place of healing and transformation where one learns to break the illusion of being fragmented. This workshop is designed to attune people to their soul
purpose, and the reality of a new Consciousness through Contemplative Music and the wisdom of the psycho-spiritual dimension of death and dying. Experience the healing
and spiritual gifts of music in an integral approach.

July 4th: INERSON: Into the Resonance of the Soul on Our Way Toward Spirit (3 hrs)
Inerson is a set of practices, a method of inquiry into the resonance of the soul on our way toward Spirit! Contemplative in its way of drawing forth from the participant a
reflective dimension and transpersonal, addressing depths beyond the personal, Inerson invites you to a most amazing sound journey of awakening and integrating a body
wisdom long forgotten.

Place :  Hotel Delta Centre-Ville 777 University St., Montreal, Qc
Information and registration:  /  (514) 937-8359 (Monday to Saturday : 12pm to 8pm)

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your friends and colleagues at our 34th International Conference. We have over 60 confirmed speakers and teachers, among
them Phan Thi Kim Phúc, Raymond Moody, NASA Astronaut Brian O’Leary, Don Campbell, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Melvin Morse, Bernard Grad, Mark Macy and Peter
Roche de Coppens.
For more information, see our attached form and visit our Conference web site at

We look forward to welcoming you in Montreal.
Peace! Light! Joy!
Marilyn & John Rossner, Sr. Leona and the 2009 Conference Team
Gilles Bédardis President of IANDS-Quebec Integral. He is also specialist in contemplative music. From 1982 to 1997, he worked as journalist, radio, record and  concert
producer. His knowledge and expertise, combined with the thoroughness of his research, have made him Canada's New Age music specialist and one of the genre's most active
proponents on the international scene. Through the years, Gilles has developed a unique way of working with music. In 1991, after years of research and experimentation, he
creates INERSON, a series of workshops and seminars designed to attune people to their soul purpose and the reality of a new Consciousness through music. His study of the
psycho-spiritual dimension of death and dying, following a near-death experience in 1973, taught him that the sacredness of life is found in the simplest things of our everyday
lives. Since 2004, he works in collaboration with neurosiencist Mario Beauregard, author of The Spiritual :
KOR Prod | Mario Beauregard | Inerson | À l'aube de la lumière (At the Dawn of Light)
Dying to live, Living to Die

By Linda Jacquin
What happens when we die? What is a "near-death experience" (NDE)? What is nearing-death awareness? What do you say to
someone who is dying? Are you afraid of dying? What happens when a loved one commits suicide?  How can you live life to the
Linda Jacquin has answers based on personal experience and years of talking to researchers and Near-Death Experiencers.
Her special knowledge and understanding are the result of two near-death experiences. The first occurred at age 4½ when she
drowned while playing in a creek at a church picnic.  Her spiritual experience between drowning and resuscitation would
permanently influence the course of her life.  Many years later, as an adult, she again experienced clinical death and, among other
things, encountered her brother who had died ten days before.
The profoundly spiritual understandings she gained from these edge-of-death experiences taught her the true importance of positive
life attitudes and actions -- especially:  to love yourself; to live everyday as if it were your last; to laugh, play nice, respect those
you meet; and above all to enjoy this experience called LIFE.  She learned how utterly important it is to Love, Integrate, Forgive,
Linda Jacquin is a guest lecturer on the near-death experience and a motivational speaker on creating tools with which to live your
life to the fullest. She has given talks across the United States, Canada and in Hawaii, and has appeared on US and Canadian radio
and TV broadcasts.   She was featured on the DVD documentary, ‘Cheating Death -- Beyond and Back,’ a trailer to the movie
‘Final Destination II.’   Linda was the consultant on the Capstone Children’s Book, Near-Death Experiences, and she currently is
writing her own book.
She is the Editor of Vital Signs, a quarterly publication of The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).  From
2000-2006 she was a member of the IANDS board of directors, during which period she also served three years as Vice President.
In April 2006 Linda Jacquin fulfilled her longstanding vision to create a retreat where others who have had near-death experiences
could gather their NDEs and the life-changing after effects.  Twenty-six people from across the United States met for three deeply
meaningful days at the Mercy Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  One outcome of the retreat is the new website www.  
Since 1984 Linda has headed Jacquin Advertising LLC, a promotional products and marketing company.

The Clan of the FireFlies

We are a group of near-death experiencers who came together in April 2006 at an IANDS-sponsored retreat to share our stories,
our gifts of healing and compassion, and our unconditional love for each other and all of creation.
We call ourselves the Clan of the Fireflies because, like fireflies, we light our own way and light up our surroundings.

This we know:

That we have been to the Light. Bathed in it. Soaked it in. We have exuded Light and the Love with which it welcomed us.

That our Creator, our Source loves each and every one of us with an unconditional, all-encompassing, immense love that we have experienced as bliss.

That death of the body is not an end to life. Life is eternal. We are eternal. And when these bodies die we will return to the bliss of the Love in the Light.

That life here on Earth is a gift, not a test. It has purpose and meaning unique to each of us. We each have a “mission” to bring love to life. And we each chose to
experience this human life in order to grow, evolve, and expand who we really are.

That these are not simply “beliefs” to us. We have lived them. Experienced them firsthand. They are as much reality as the reality of your experience reading this

Nanci Danison 2006

Eliot Jay ROSEN

Author of the book & DVD
Best Seller:
"Experiencing the Soul"

From: Diane Willis
To: Info at Chicago Iands

Subject: Next Chicago IANDS

Guest Speaker:
Nadia McCaffrey

3X NDEr; lost her only son in Iraq; leads San Francisco IANDS; created excellent hospice and is now working to end the war and establish a place for returning vets. She
picketed Bush's farm in Crawford, TX with Cindy Sheehan.  Don't miss this!

Nadia McCaffrey has engaged in public speaking for over a decade. She has presented talks on Near Death Experiences and on her service work with the dying at universities
including UC Berkeley (2000) and John F Kennedy University (2002), Dominican University of San Rafael, the 2003, etc International IANDS Conference as well as to
organizations like the Center for Living with Dying, churches, homeless shelters and at many other events.

In addition, she has been featured on many television and radio talk shows; in "Children of the New Millennium" a book of research on children's Near-Death Experiences by
PMH Atwater; "We Live Forever" by PMH Atwater , published by A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce's Foundation) and in Vital Signs Magazine. Nadia also appeared on national Television
in a new release by Automat Pictures: "Cheating Death, Beyond and Back" a scientific research documentary, rated the best documentary on the Near-Death Experience.
Another research documentary for a 2 hour US film to be released in 2008.

A research documentary on the Near-Death Experience, made by a German film company was released in 2003 in English and German language, for European Television
viewing. The film is to reveal the truth and the impact from the near-death experience after-effects into the Experiencer's life and readjustment to living again. She has also
done interviews with the Discovery Channel for a series of documentaries on the NDE.

After her son's death, Nadia McCaffrey traveled to the Middle East with filmmaker Mark Manning. They sought answers to what causes wars and met with Iraqi mothers.
Nadia explains her purpose, "I wanted to look them in the eye and share their pain."
She has since traveled through Europe conducting interviews in Paris with FRANCE3 TV and radio, and ARTE CHANNELS TV (EU). In the US, she interviewed with Good
Morning America, The Today's Show, The Paula Zahn Show, The Aaron Brown Show, MSNBC, CNBC, DemocracyNow! TV (3x), Morning on 2, and CNN many times.
Her story has been told through documentaries, radio shows, and in magazines (such as Vanity Fair and Newsweek) and newspapers. She has appeared on the front page of
USA TODAY (twice), and the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times many times, San Francisco Chronicle, El Jazeera, BBC, La Pravda, etc.

Nadia spent 23 days in Belgium and 10 days in Jordan, meeting with magazine, newspaper, radio, and TV media outlets, and major Universities.

Her message is sympathy, compassion and peace as the means to ending the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. Nadia works at this time with the veterans coming home
from the Middle East, Healing the inner-wounds, PTSD. She is creating a series of permanent Spiritual and Palliative Care Retreats, an ecologically sound farm totally
self-sustained for returning vets, where they can go for healing before they return to society.  Nadia has had three NDEs.

To read an interview of Nadia McCaffrey with Amy GoodmanT, please go to:

Mel Van Dusen presents Nadia McCaffrey receiving the Caring For Soldiers Award for her work with Veteran's Village.  To view, copy and paste in your browser, if you
cannot click on it:

Nadia's other websites are:

Please, people......we need some help for Penny with hospitality.   Call 847.251.5758 or talk to Penny or Diane at the meeting.

To attend the 2008 Experiencer's Retreat for those who have had a NDE, please go to:

CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR NEAR-DEATH STUDIES (IANDS) support and study group meets second Saturdays,  2-5 p.m.  Near-death
experiences, out-of-body experiences, losses, research.  All are welcome.  Suggested Donation - $20.  No one is turned away.  For more info:  847.251.5758 or  Chicago IANDS is an IL 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.

Location:  Frank Auditorium in Evanston Hospital, 2650 Ridge Ave. (& Central), Evanston.

Directions:  From the Kennedy Exprswy:  Take Edens Expressway to Old Orchard Rd.  Go east to Gross Point Rd.  Turn Left.  Go one block to Central Street.  Turn right
and stay on Central about a mile, crossing over Green Bay Rd, until you get to Evanston Hospital, which will be on your left.  Turn left immediately after you go under the
overpass.  Then turn right into the parking garage (free).

From Sheridan Rd.:  Follow Sheridan north along the Lake until you reach Central St.  Turn left (W).  Ridge Ave will be the first stoplight.   Continue one block further to the
overpass.  Turn right immediately before going under the overpass, then turn right into the parking garage (free).

Diane Willis
Facilitator, Chicago IANDS

"When we are capable of stopping, we begin to see."   
~Thich Nhat Hanh